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How to Keep Your Hair Fly While on Vacation

Wrap it up

Two words for you… silk bonnet. Although some of us love to think we’re invincible, we can not escape the night time struggle that comes with sleeping without a silk bonnet, scarf or pillowcase.

Unlike cotton or synthetic fibers, silk does not rob your hair of its moisture and oils. And after spending the day in the pool your strands will need all the moisture they can get. So make sure to wrap it, braid it, or cover it up.

Curls are a go

If you’re anything like me you want to actually spend time enjoying your vacation making memories, having fun and turning up. You don’t want to be spending the majority of ur vacation fixing your hair. That why I always recommend going with a curly or wavy texture. TheY are SUPER low maintenance and transition flawlessly from day to night looks.

I’d recommend our loose wave texture for your next vacation. Styling it will be a breeze! Simply spray with a water/conditioner mixture and add a little argan oil and you’ll be good to go.

Travel size containers are a must

TSA Steady trippin. And they never loved us so let me be the one to say Travel sized containers will save your entire slaycation! I remember when I went to Jamaica and was able to “smuggle” my $30 jar of coconut scented whipped shea butter. I figured that I could use it as body lotion and hair moisturizer thus saving coins and much needed baggage space. Can you images how distraught I was as I watched TSA toss the entire thing in the trash! I felt like fighting right there but I didn’t want to get arrested just minutes before my vacation started so I bit my tongue and vowed to never let TSA play me again lol.

As a rule of thumb you are allowed TSA allows liquids up to 3.4 oz. and they all must fit in a quart-sized plastic Ziploc bag. Before you head out on that fab getaway, take stock of what you’ll need to keep your hair in check.

Accessories are your best friends

Whether you just got back from a day for a excursions and have 10 minutes to get ready for dinner or you just want to switch it up little accessories can take your look to the next level.

I suggest a cute scarf, hat or headband that can be used to dress up a messy bun quickly and effortlessly.

Styling Tools


Although with the above mentioned steps you won’t need any hot tools to look amazing but; for those of you who want to look EXTRA fleecy on your #baecation I’d suggest that you pack a flatiron and Your favorite curling wand. I’ve found that with these two tools you can create almost any hairstyle and the slender shape of these tools means they won’t take up much space in your luggage.

Packing Checklist

  • Satin bonnet
  • Travel size container of:
  • A light weight oil
  • Your favorite conditioner
  • Spray bottle
  • A cute scarf or headband
  • Your flatiron
  • A curling wand

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