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5 Reasons We Can Tell You Have a Wig On

There’s an art when it comes to wearing a wig and some of us haven’t really mastered it just yet (it’s OK we’re here to help you get it together💪🏾). Here are 5 ways that we can tell your rocking a wig:


when it comes to wearing a wig you want it to be believable having too much hair on your unit can make it look really bulky and helmet like which isn’t a good look when you’re trying to achieve an elegant slay 💁🏾♀️ I generally use a 13X6 frontal with 2 bundles for my frontal units or a 4X4 closure with 3 bundles. This allows me to achieve a sexy slay with all my units.


Having a hair topping (i.e: Closure or frontal) that’s good quality and have been prepped properly is key to having your unit melt in! It’s important to have someone who knows what they’re doing bleach you knots on your frontals or closures because that brassy look isn’t cute at all. Also make sure the lace on your hair topping in thin enough to actually melt in. It doesn’t matter how much you plucking, tinting, or bleaching you do if you lace is too thick were going to be able to spot it from a mile away. So thing else that contributes to the visibility of your lace is the color of your wig cap. Make sure to wear a wig cap that isn’t too light or dark. I generally go for caps that are 1 shade lighter than my face.


I’m sure I’m not speaking for just myself when I say that the “Adult, baby hair” look isn’t cute at all! You couldn’t possibly give me a reason why it is ok for your baby hairs to be damn near reaching your eyebrows. This is a NO GO! Here’s a tutorial on how to create cute, natural looking baby hair on your units. Although it may take some time and effort to get the technique down, it’s totally worth it.


This tip is pretty straightforward. Sis please make sure to secure the wig at all times. We can all tell that you’re wearing a wig because you unit is doing the Harlem shake on you head top! Make sure you use some type of adhesive or bobby pins to hold that wig in place because having it fall off in front of your crush is not the move.


I’m guilty for this one myself. I personally don’t mind it but if you want others to think that that unit actually grew out of your head you can’t wear it to work on Monday & Wednesday and on Tuesday you leave it home. I try to stick to a certain style for at least a week just so I won’t give my coworkers too much of a culture shock


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