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5 Reasons Why Flexi Rods are Amazing!

So you’ve got the bundles poppin, or your hairline is laid on the frontal, but you could still use something new huh? Well girl, get you some Flexi rods. Flexi Rods are a great way to get body and curl without adding heat to your unit, bundles or natural hair. About 7 inches long, flexi rods are foam rods that are flexible to move and bend in various directions.What’s more, they come in various thickness sizes, each creating a different curl type. FYI – The thinner the rod, the tighter the curl.

Installed similarly to the standard roller, you take a small portion of damp hair (using mousse, or gel) and wrap it around the rod. It’s important to keep the hair taut during this process to get uniform curls. Roll right up towards the scalp, and fold the ends of the rod inwards, to lock into place.

Here are our top 5 reasons why we recommend flexing with Flexi Rods:


Girl, you can get 6+ sizes to create any type of look you’re going for. Whether you’re in

the mood to Shirley temple it, or you want loose beach waves — they’ll hold you down!

2. Cost-effective

Curling wands and irons can be pricey, save those coins and get yourself several packs of flexi rods! They last, do the trick and are easy to replace if necessary.

3. Comfort

Remember the plastic rollers you used to have to sleep in the night before picture day? Flexi rods won’t have you tossing and turning all night because the foam is much more comfortable to sleep in. The flexibility in securing also allows you a bit more control.

4. Heat-Free

Let’s be honest, whether we’re talking about a wig unit, bundles, or natural hair — we need it to be healthy, maintain shine, and retain moisture. Having such a bomb heat-free styling option is essential because heat can be detrimental to all of the above

5. Length & Volume

They keep length & add volume! While curls, in general, take a few inches off of hair, flexi rods stretch the hair so that length isn’t completely lost. The volume of the curls will have you pulling a Beyonce in front of your fan — we’ve been there girl, do your thing.

Now that we’ve given you a rundown on why you should use flexirods watch the video below to see how to actually apply them for bouncy, easy and heat free curls.



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