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How to Properly Straighten Your Curly Hair

The thought of straightening curly hair brings about a lot of hesitation because we know that too much heat can permanently damage curl patterns. Lifestylers we’ve all seen the droop curls, that are hanging on for dear life after being flat ironed to death. Welp, we’re here to say you don’t have to permanently choose between bone straight and Curly Sue. We’ve gathered up some of the best tips to help keep your curls bouncing back after your straight hair itch!

First things first

We HAVE to remind you to use low-heat when applying anything to your hair — straightener, blow dryer and curling wand alike. High-end products boast high-temperature capacities, but when was the last time you stuck your casually rested your hand in a pan heated to 345 degrees? Right.

Along with low heat temperatures, you want to be mindful of the frequency of use! You won’t have much repairing to do, if you’re careful in the first place sis!


We have is using heat protectant.

Heat protectant is a MUST, when any heat is involved. You know how they recommend that we don’t lay out in the sun without sunscreen? — Yeah, that notion. Grab one that’s light on the hair, and does a great job of coating your hair in protectant and shine. Heat protectants do a great deal of reducing moisture loss by sealing the hair cuticle before heat gets busy on it, it reduces frizz and is just a great general middle man between your vulnerable strands and your straightening tool – necessary!

This step is ESSENTIAL

For any style that causes stress on the hair (particularly straightening!). Deep conditioners and hair masks restores moisture and protects your hair from future damage. Leave on your tresses for 20-30 minutes for max benefits, you can even sit under a dryer for a bit to really get the nutrients to penetrate. Your curls will come back from this wash revitalized, bouncy and ready to take on the world!


  1. Before you start, brush your weave, removing any knots, tangles, or curls to make the cleaning process easy and effective.
  2. Shampoo, condition & deep condition your hair
  3. After gently pat out the excess water with a towel
  4. Finish this process by applying a dime-sized amount of straightening serum

Straighten the Weave

  1. Use a blow dryer with a concentrator nozzle attachment to dry your weave.
  2. Once the weave is completely dry, separate it into 1- to 2-inch sections; starting at the root of the hair flat iron and slowly moving it down the hair. Repeat the process with the section if necessary and continue the same process over the rest of the weave.

Lifestylers, talk to us about your experiences straightening your curly manes, what worked and didn’t work for you? Tell us below.


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