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Secure the Wig: Elastic Band Method

Hey Lifestylers,

We all have seen those unfortunate videos of ladies giving an entirely new meaning to getting their wigs snatched — by now we know that securing your wig is one of the most important parts of a flawless slay. Wigs that aren’t fully secured are not only anxiety provoking but makes it easier to detect a unit if your lace front isn’t laying taut and flat. So, let’s get you right.

The elastic band method is a technique used to secure your wig by attaching a fitted elastic band around the sides of your lace closure, full lace, or lace frontal wig. It gives you an easy way to both secure and remove the wig.

To finesse this method, you’ll want to measure the circumference of your head (ear-to-ear if its a frontal, edge of lace-to-edge of lace if it’s a closure), taking off an inch or 2 of elastic measurement so it fits snug. Sew the edges to the inside of your wig, and you’re golden!

Pros of this technique?

(Wig) Bag secured! If you’ve measured correctly, that wig of yours isn’t going anywhere – sans dutty-wine though sis. We also love how customizable and adjustable this method is. If it’s too tight, you can always re-measure and re-attach with no issue. This method promotes healthy hair, unlike some others which may require products that damage your hair long-term. Many women find that this technique is secure enough to eliminate the need for glue, so after the initial project of sewing the band, you’re no longer bogged down by various additional steps –quick and easy install, as a wig should be!


Delicacy! While the elastic band is sturdy, you have to be mindful of the lace when tugging and pulling – we like to keep our lace pieces as a no tear zone! Additionally, if you haven’t measured correctly and made it too snug, there’s a chance of headaches and discomfort. Lastly, though we love how secure this feels, you may benefit from additional security measures if that dutty wine is unavoidable.

Let us know if this technique is one you apply to all of your units, or Click HERE to try it yourself!

For those of you looking for information on hairpieces and wigs for women with thinning hair, click here.



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