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3 Ways to Customize Your Lace Frontal or Closure

Lifestylers, we’re back with some info that is necessary, and we mean necessary.

When we hear the phrase “what frontal?”, we know that a slay has occurred; making it nearly impossible to detect that your girl is wearing a lacefront because it is so natural looking. Now, it would be magical if all wigs and pieces came ready to slay out of the box, but the truth is, they require some TLC to customize and make perfect for you. We’re here to help walk you through the process and give you some tips on how to flawlessly install every time.

Bleaching the Knots

The first order of business is going to be a process called bleaching the knots. Knots are the base found at the bottom each hair strand (usually black), that attaches it to the lace. If we’re going for a realistic scalp look, the knots have to go!

Many frontals now come with the knots already taken care of, but if your frontal looks like the photo on the left, then you’ve got some work to do. The photo on the bottom right is what the “scalp” of your frontal should look like when it’s done properly; much more natural and less noticeable.
Bleached Frontal Before & After

We know what you’re thinking, me, and bleach?! Don’t worry, there are tons of resources online that will joyfully walk beginners through each step. You need some pretty specific products and a bit of patience, but here’s one of our favorite tutorials that will help you knock out those knots!

Customizing the Hairline

Next up, we have the customization of the hairline. We all know the ladies who haven’t quite mastered the art yet, and as a result — look a little cray. If you take a good look at your own natural hairline, it is in no way linear, or full. We all have flyaways, baby hairs, and a bit of unevenness spanning across our foreheads. It only makes sense that our wigs and frontal pieces mimic that – a gradual and smooth transition.

Customizing is usually done by plucking hairs out (via tweezers, or pulling them out gently– as to not rip the lace) in various places to create some dimension. This is a process that requires patience, and a little experimentation, but is absolutely necessary for a natural look. Here’s a great tutorial that should help you out.

The Slay

Once you’re done customizing, cut off the excess lace, and take your girl for a test run! Use lace frontal glue or tape to keep the lace laying flat, and use your favorite edge control to get your baby hairs right. Some women use concealer or skin-toned foundation to help with blending, try it out and see what your preference is!

Before we send you off into the world with your lunchbox and babyhairs, we want to remind you of a few tips:

  • Buy a quality piece, we know it’s an investment but this isn’t really the place to cut corners! If you’re having trouble finding something affordable but of insane quality, take a peek at the frontals we offer here, we got you girl.
  • Be sure to adjust your piece/wig to your own hairline. That baby doesn’t belong down over your forehead by your eyebrows. Align it with your own for the most realistic look.
  • Secure the wig! We cannot have your beautifully customized investment flying away in your drop top, or floating in the swimming pool. Secure, secure, secure! Whether it be by interior clips, a band or sewing it down- secure that bag.
  • Maintenance is everything! You’re likely dealing with the finest of human hair, so treat it like you would your own for the best results. Tie her up at night, wash her when it’s needed and tuck her in when she’s not being used.
  • Lastly, don’t forget to Slay ALL Day! Be confident! You’ve worked hard to look good so own it!



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