Hair Extensions 101

Lifestylers let’s face it, there are tons of options when deciding what type of install works best for you, so we thought we’d get you started on your slay journey by exploring the basics. We’re sure you’ve heard all the weave-ology lingo, but it’s essential to have the correct info from the right source – in a way that you (and your scalp) can understand. We’re gearing up to be your one-stop shop for beauty and hair guidance, so kick back, relax and enjoy the ride.
For decades, The two top contenders for hair installations has been wigs and weaves. Both styles are protective for your natural hair, giving it a break from heavy manipulation or harsh weather, and giving you some versatility.
Frontal Wig
Wigs are usually in the form of full headed units, secured either on a wear-by-wear basis for temporary looks or sewn on for long-term wear. Wigs are often a go-to for women who like to switch their looks up regularly, with little commitment. Securement is key with wigs if they’re not sewn on, sturdy wig clips are essential so the wind doesn’t drop your top!
hair bundles
Weaves are (usually) installed by sewing wefts of extensions to your braided hair. Hair type for this style ranges from synthetic to human, virgin, or even crochet. The common term “bundles” usually alludes to how packs of wefted hair are sold – varying in weight, texture, and length. Virgin hair has gained popularity recently because it is some of the highest quality and longest lasting that you can find.
Closures & Frontals
The construction of both weaves and wigs can be completed in several ways – with a bit of your own hair left out for a natural finish, with a closure piece, or a frontal. Closures and Frontals are made from the same materials, either lace or silk that is meant to mimic the natural hairline and scalp. Closures are smaller in size, about 4 inches in length and width, and can be centered on the crown, allowing for a middle part. The closure can be shifted to allow for a side part as well. Frontals span ear-to-ear, providing more versatility in parting and styling– This is where the baby hair laying, gorilla glue application, and finesse happen. 360 frontals expand on this product, providing lace around all edges; set that ponytail up sis! Both your closures and frontals should be customized, plucked and adjusted to your liking, to get the most natural look possible.
And there you have it! Depending on which method you go with and the quality of hair your prefer, extension prices can span high up in the hundreds; it’s definitely an investment! As with all things, you get what you pay for so higher quality hair should last for an extended amount of time, and allow for reuse if installed and removed properly. Bottom line, research is essential here girl. Make sure you’re buying your hair from a reputable source to ensure you’re getting the quality you deserve. It’s also imperative to make sure you’re receiving install services from someone well versed in the slay. Happy serving!

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